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Our Staff

Our Staff

Here at MCLR Financial Center, we believe in long-term relationships -- not only with our clients, but also with our staff. We are proud of the talented team we have assembled here to work side by side with the owners. And our committment to their long-term development is reflected by their committment to us and to meeting the needs of our diverse client base.

Christine M. Kopec

Phone: (810) 744-3541 ext. 101

Christine came on board with us in 2005.  She acts as our receptionist, performs a large part of our raw data entry, and is responsible for many of our internal support functions.

Karen L. Davis

Phone: (810) 744-3541 ext. 106

Karen is a staff accountant who joined us in 2020. She works primarily with small businesses to prepare their financial statements and payroll reports.