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MCLR Financial Client Forms

(Sorry, but only certain forms are fill-and-print.)

2018 Tax Data Checklist for Individuals (fill-and-print)
Whether you mail in or drop off your return, or come in for an appointment, we require all tax clients to answer several questions on this form.  We provide the checklists to help you gather your tax information.

2018 Individual Income Tax Engagement Letter (fill-and-print)
2018 ACA Engagement Letter Addendum (fill-and-print)
We require all 1040 clients to sign our engagement letter to be sure you clearly understand the services we will provide.  For 2018, we also require all 1040 clients to sign the ACA Engagement Letter Addendum to assure clear understanding of qualified health insurance coverage you had for each member of your household in 2018.

2014 Year End Business Client Request for Information
This form is a good starting point to identify the information we will require to prepare your business tax returns.

Consent for Disclosure to a Third Party (fill-and-print)
We MUST have this form before we can release confidential information about you to anybody besides you. Please fill it in and print it out, and then send it to us by fax (810.744.4806) or mail, drop it off, or scan and send it through the File Exchange on your NetClient CS portal.  Be sure to clearly identify exactly WHAT information we should release, WHO should receive it, and HOW it should be delivered.

Request a NetClient CS Account
This form is used to sign up for a NetClient CS portal, so you can have 24/7 access to your tax returns, and optionally be able to securely send files to us at your convenience.

Tax Tables for the MCLR Payroll Program: Here is where users of our legacy payroll program can find the tax table files they need to calculate payroll in 2016 and 2017.