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Multi-Factor Authorization

At MCLR Financial Center, we care about providing you with great service, which includes keeping your personal and financial information secure.

If you already use NetClient CS® — our secure, personalized client portals — to access your information and provide information to our firm, you can make your account even more secure with the Thomson Reuters Authenticator™ mobile app. This app enables you to take advantage of multi-factor authentication, which adds another layer of identity verification to the login process so your protection against hacking and fraud attempts is stronger and more secure than a password.

The requirements for multi-factor authentication are simply an Internet connection, a smartphone or tablet, and the Thomson Reuters Authenticator app. You’ve probably used multi-factor authentication in some form already, such as when you use your PIN number in addition to your debit card to withdraw cash from an ATM.

To enable multi-factor authentication for your NetClient CS application, you will need to install the Thomson Reuters Authenticator mobile app on your mobile device. After installing the app on your mobile device and pairing your device with your application login credentials, you'll use the Authenticator to confirm your identity the first time you log in to your applications each day. To confirm your identity, you simply approve a notification on your mobile device.

We strongly recommend that you use multi-factor authorization to provide the highest level of security for your data. To get started, see Managing multi-factor authentication for your login. If you prefer to watch an instructional video, see Video: Multi-factor authentication for your NetClient CS portal.

Apple devices: Download the Thomson Reuters Authenticator from the App Store.
Android devices: Download the Thomson Reuters Authenticator from Google Play.