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Tax Tables for the MCLR Payroll Program

For those of you still are using our old payroll program, you will need to install new tax table files each year. There are TWO FILES FOR EACH YEAR that you must download and save to the PAYROLL2 folder where the program resides, (typically "C:\PAYROLL2"). The links below will allow you to download the files from DropBox. (You do not need a DropBox account!)

Files for 2016 and 2017


NOTE: This software was designed to run in a DOS environment using a parallel port for printing. Parallel ports were replaced with USB a long time ago, and DOS is ancient history, but thanks to built in backward compatibility, some users have been successful using it on some 32-bit Windows machines with operating systems as recent as XP and Vista. However, extended support for XP has expired, and extended support for Vista will expire on April 11, 2017, so our ability to support this program is waning fast. We must therefore encourage you to find replacement software as soon as possible.