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GPS Alert

Special Instructions to find us with a GPS or internet map site

To find us with your GPS or an internet map site, we recommend punching in our neighbor's address, which is "2058 Friel St". Just try to remember to pull into the driveway before his. Here's why.

Our mailing address is
G4454 S Saginaw St
Burton MI 48529-2067

Many GPS systems don't accept the "G", and send you into Flint, somewhere between Atherton and Hemphill Roads, near Hurley Health & Fitness Center.

Others can accept the "G", but it must be placed after the number; and if you don't KNOW to put it there, you still end up in Fint.

Still others at least pay attention to the city, but try to estimate where 4454 is, putting you somewhere down near Judd Rd, (At least this is almost within sight of us.)

By using our neighbor's address, you don't NEED to use the "G" prefix. And since he's at the end of the road, that address is probably a reference point for guessing other addresses.

Of course, if you DO find yourself somewhere you didn't expect to be, give us a call at 810-744-3541 and we'll talk you in. As long as you get here safe, we're happy!